Age of Exploration

Term Definition
Prince Henry sponsored exploration
Columbus wanted to reach the east indies by sailing west- underestimated earths size and discovered the americas
Moctezuma aztec emperor
Atahulpa inca ruler
mulatto african and eruopean descent
treaty of paris ended the seven years war and resulted in the british dominance of the americas
price revolution when inflation rose rapidly
treaty of tordesillas treaty signed between spain and portigual whichdivided the non-euroupean world between them
conquistidaors spanish explorers who claimed lands in the americas for spain
pizarro conqured incas
Encomendia spanish goverement gives the right to american colonists to demand free labor from the native americans
new france french possesions in the present day canada
triangular trade colonial trade routes among eroupe and its colonies, the west indies, and africa where goods, ideas, people, and disease were exchanged
capitolisim means of production are privately owned and opperated for profit
magellan circumnavigated the globe
cortes conqured aztecs, didnt have permission to leave spain, but left anyways
peninsularies spainards born in spain
pilgrims english protestants who rejected the church of england
middle passage leg of the triangular trade where slaves were transported from africa to the americas
mercantalisim where a nations wealth is measured by gold and silver- must export more than you import
cape town first colony in south africa
tenochtitlan capitol city of the aztec empire
mestizo native american and European parents
french and Indian war between britian and france in the americas(part of 7 years war)
Colombian exchange global exchange of goods, ideas, plannts, animals, disease, people
list and explain the 5 motivations for european exploration 1- gold and silver needed to fund wars for power2-spread Christianity3- expand knowledge4- larger empires- land = power5-trade routes to asia and the spice islands for salt to preserve meat. muslims are in control of trade routes
what was prince Henry's role in the age of exploration sponsored portuguse explorers- results in Portugal initially leading the A. of E.
describe Dias, De gama, coloumbus, and Magelan's explorations Dias- Africa- Cape of good hopeDe Gama-finds a diff route to india!- one of their goalscoloumbus reached east by sailing west(americas)magellan- first to circumnavigate
describe how portigual gained footholds in africa and the effect of portugese contact in africa set up trading forts along coast. when native poopulation declines they need slaves forming the slave trade
describe the relationship between the natives and coloumbus he was the first to encounter the tainos who were giving and hepful. coloumbus was cruel and abusive to themw/o the tainos help who knows what would have happened to coloumbus
What were advantages and disadvantages the conquistadors had? A.- guns, Disease, horsesD.- outnumbered
describe cortez's conquer of the aztecs cortez goes into tenotician w/ help from the natives and moctezuma welcomes him. moctezuma wont convert and he throws a bible in cortezs face so cortez attacks. mexico city is created
describe pizarros conquer of the incas the inca empire is weak bc of a civil war. bc atalupaha dosent convert pizarro caputures and kills ataualpha and kills thousands of incas. pizarro overran them with superior weapons and disease
short and long term effects of the conquistadors S.- tens of thousands of natives die -millions of natives are conquredL.-new culture emerges -world becomes more connected
how did spain rule their colonies? how were they made profitable? gave land to appointed viceroys and encomindia is enforced. for profit the natives work forcefully for free and sent back to eroupe to trade for money
describe colonial social structure 1.-pennsularies- born in spain 2.- creoles- born in americas with spanish born parents3- mestizos/ malattoes- one european parent and one african or native parent4-natives5- slaves
describe triangular trade eroupe sends guns and money to africaafrica sends slaves, gold to americasamericas send raw materials to eroupe to be sold for profit
describe the conditions of the middle passage slaves overcrowded, no respect for their lives, whipped, DISEASE, chained, no space
effects of slave trade europe became wealthiestafrican socieity torn apart
describe coloumbian exchange and some effects vast exchange of plants, animals, culture, DISEASE, peopleincrease in population(bc of corn + potatoes- more food means more people)mass migrationsome decrease in population(disease on natives)
describe commercial revolution inflationcapitalismnew busnisses practices
describe mercantalisim a nations wealth measured by gold- must export more than you import
inflation rise of prices linked to increase in amt of money available

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