Amendments All Amendments

Question Answer
Religious and Political Freedom amendment 1
Right to Bear Arms amendment 2
Quartering Act amendment 3
Search & Seizure amendment 4
Rights of Accused Persons amendment 5
Right to Speedy, Public Trial amendment 6
Trial by Jury in Civil Cases amendment 7
Limit on Fines & Punishments amendment 8
Rights of the People amendment 9
Powers of the States & People amendment 10
Lawsuits Against States amendment 11
Election of Executives amendment 12
Slavery Abolished amendment 13
Civil Rights amendment 14
Right to Vote amendment 15
Income Tax amendment 16
Direct Election of Senators amendment 17
Prohibition amendment 18
Women's Suffrage amendment 19
"Lame Duck" Session amendment 20
Repeal of Prohibition amendment 21
Limit on Presidential Terms amendment 22
Voting in District of Columbia amendment 23
Abolition of Poll Taxes amendment 24
Presidential Succession amendment 25
Eighteen-year-old Vote amendment 26
Congressional Pay Raise amendment 27

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