Chapter 7 Vocabulary All vocabulary from Chapter 7

Term Definition
Peninsula A piece of land of nearly surrounded by water
Bard Someone who writes or performs epic poems or stories about heroes and their deeds
Colony A group of people living in a new territory who have ties to their homeland; the new territory itself
Polis A Greek city-state
Agora A gathering place; marketplace in ancient Greece
Phalanx A group of armed foot soldiers in ancient Greece arranged close together in rows
Tyrant An absolute ruler unrestrained by law
Oligarchy A government in which a small group has control
Democracy A government by the people
Helots Enslaved people in ancient Sparta
Ephor A high-ranked government official in Sparta who was elected by the council of elders
Satrapy The territory governed by an official known as a satrap
Satrap The governor of a province in ancient Persia
Zoroastrianism A Persian religion based on the belief of one god
Direct Democracy A form of democracy in which all citizens can participate firsthand in the decision-making process
Representative Democracy A democracy in which citizens elect officials to govern on their behalf
Philosopher A person who searches for wisdom or enlightenment

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