Chapter 8 Africa

Term Definition
Mount Kilimanjaro Africa's highest peak
Suez Canal divides Africa from Asia
Madagascar world's fourth largest island
Mizraim, Phut, and Cush Ham's sons
Kingdom of Cush the greatest ancient civilization in Africa's interior
Ethiopian Eunuch the first recorded African Christian
Kingdom of Aksum Africa's first and greatest Christian Kingdom
King Lalibela carved ten churches from solid rock
malaria, yellow fever, and sleeping sickness dangerous tropical diseases
James Bruce first European explorer of Africa
Kalahari Desert the largest desert region of Southern Africa
David Livingstone greatest of all African explorers and one of the most famous explorers in history
Victoria Falls Africa's largest waterfall
Congo River the worlds second largest river is the volume of water it carries
Liberia Africa's first black republic
Samuel Crowther first black bishop the Church of England had ever had
Mary Slessor queen of the cannibals
frumentius an early leader of the Ethiopian orthodox church

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