Exploration Age of Exploration Review

Question Answer
Which Venetian Explorers accounts of his travels to Asia encourage exploration? Marco Polo
What were 3 main reasons for exploration? God, Gold & Glory
What was the name of the path that stretched from Europe to Asia that was cut off by the Turks? Silk Road
Who was the first explorer to round the tip of Africa? Dias
What did Pedro Alvares Cabral discover on his way to India? Brazil
What areas did Christopher Columbus discover? Bahamas, Hisponola, & Cuba
What were the land and labor grants called that the Spaniards set up to encourage settlers to move to newly conquered lands? Encomiendas
Who was the Spanish missionary who tried to end the enslavement of the natives? Bartolome de las Casas
Why do we remember Magellan's voyage? Found the strait, found the Pacific Ocean, and went around the globe (circumnavigated)
Where is the Strait of Magellan? Southern tip of South American
Who was Balboa & why was he significant to the Age of Exploration? He was a famous conquistador and explored Isthmus of Panama with Pizzaro, took possession of the Pacific Ocean for Spain.

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