History Exam Review 8th grade mid term exam review for US History

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the five themes of geography show the connection between geography and… history
When the united states expanded, settlers moved to the… west
Physical regions in the U.S. are marked by… contrasting landforms
What is not a question economics asks about society? Where should we sell our goods and services
The two most important river systems in the U.S. are the… Mississippi and Missouri Rivers
The two features that define a region's climate are… temperature and precipitation
____ is a key tool for historians because it shows the order of past events chronology
Peoples' basic need in any society are… food, shelter, clothing
The social science that deals with the rights and responsibilities of a citizen is… civics
Many sientists belive what theory of early migration to North America? land bridge
What did the early peoples of North America learn from the peoples settled in Central and South America? how to irrigate crops.
What influenced the development of Native American culture in North America? climate, geography, and resources
by the 1400's, people in Africa and the Middle East shared what? respect for nature
What did not influence the development of European civilization? Chinese trade fleets
What was a important result of the Crusades? new trade routes were opened
Native American developed defferent _____ because they adapted their ways of life to different enviroments. cultures
All Native American cultures in North America believed that the world was full of very powerful, unseen forces and _____ spirits
_____ trading fleets visited India and Africa during the 1400's Chinese
Results of the Renaissance period are: 1. More people traded and traveled, 2. Gains were made in science, art, and history, 3. Europe emerged from a long period of isolation.
who may not have visited North America before 1400 except Spanish
The goal of Spanish colonies in North America was to enrich Spain
one result of spanish colonization in the Americas was the establishment of strict social classes as provided for in the Laws of the Indies
The Europeans looked for new sea routes to Asia because they wanted to increase profit from trade
after the Protestant Reformation great rivalry began to exist among the European nations because of religion differences
European nations established colonies in North America to seek riches, compete for land, and have ____ freedom religious
the colony of _____ was almost a failure because its early inhabitants were more interested in finding ____ than in growing crops jamestown, gold
The idea and tradition of _____ government was first introduced in North America in Jamestown representative
One purpose for establishing the _______ was to attract new settlers to the jamestown House of Burgesses
The _____ at Plymouth were different from earlier English settlers because they came seeking religious freedom in North America. Pilgrims
Puritans from Massachusetts founded Conneticut because they felt the Massachusetts government was too powerful
New England colonies were characterized by closely knit villages
which group of people sought religious freedom in Williams Penn's colony? Protestant Germans
Which activity did not contribute to the economy of the Middle Colonies? fishing
how did Yankee merchants get around the Navigation Acts? They sailed on trianular trade routes and engaged in smuggling
What was not true of colonial legislatures all legislatures had upper, middle, and lower houses
Two distinct was of life developed in the Southern colonies:the _______ and the _______ tidewater, back country
The primary crops grown in the Southern colonies were ____, ____, and ____ indigo, rice, and tobacco
The ____ movement influenced the thinking of the English colonists in the 1700's enlightenment
One result of the Great Awakening was the establishment of new _______ churches
What is true about the French rule in North America it ended up in the capture of quebec
What did not happen after the British Victory in the French and Indian War? The Albany Plan of Union was adopted
What happened as a result of the Intolerable Acts Colonial leaders formed the First Continental Congress
The colonies united and began to form militias in response to the Intolerable Acts
What did colonist do to show their opposition to British actions boycotted British goods
What did not happen after the Boston Tea party The British passes a tax on tea
In the 1700's France and England competed for control of the fur trade and land in the ______ ohio valley
The ______ resulted in Britain's ganing French lands in North America french and indian war
The Massachusetts colonists held the _______ to protest the tax on tea Boston Tea Party
The first battles of the American Revelution were fought at ________ Lexington and Concord
What resulted after the battle of saratoga? 1. British were no longer threat to New England. 2. France became an ally of U.S. 3. American spirits were raised
how did women play a role in the American Revolution tending business and farms
By fighting for the colonists, enslaved African Americans… risked being captured and sold by the British
The south became the main battlefield in the Revolution because attempts made by britain in the north failed
After the Treaty of Paris (revolution) what happened? Britain recognized the independence of the United States.
The second Continental Congress attempted to make peace with King George and the British by sending the ______ olive branch petition
Thomas Paine's _______ called for colonists to support independence from britain. Common Sense
The declaration of Independece lists the natural rights of men as ___,_____, and ____ Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness
_____ became an ally of Americans in the west Spain
The battle that ended the Revolution was fought at_______ Yorktown
The Ariticles of Confederation failed because the new national government didnt have the power to deal with economic crisis
What was part of the Articles of Confederation each state had one vote
The Great Compromise was an agreement on what? the number of state representatives in Congress
What did the writers of the constitution not have to agree on the rules a territory would follow in order to become a state
What idea did the writers of the Constitution borrow from the Romans? self-government
From what source did the writers of the Constitution get the idea of natural human rights? the Enlightenment
Antifederalists objected to the Constitution because it gave too much power to the national government
One of the major flaws of the _________ was that it formed a weak national government Articles of Confederation
The idea of including a bill of rights in the Constitution had its roots in the English _________ Manga Carta
The key issue in the ratification process of the Constitution was a _______ Bill of Rights
What are the goals of the U.S. constitution to unite the states, promote the general well-being, and to establish justice
What are the powers of Congress to unite the states, promote the general well-being, and to establish justice
What are the powers of Congress impeach a President, make the nation's laws, and to control how much money government spends
How can the Constitiution be amended Congress may suggest amendments
What is required to amend the Constitution 2/3 of both the House and Senate
the 14, 15, 19, and 23rd amendments all expanded the rights of citizens to… vote
Both state and local government, provide law enforcement and education services
How are state constitutions different than the U.S. Constitution they are longer and contain more details
what are the responsibilities of a citizen staying informed, voting, and volunteering
The principle in which each branch of government can limit the power of the other two branches are ________ checks and balances
The ________ can check the power of the executive and legislative branches by declaring laws unconstitutional Supreme Court
A _____ colony was one in which an individual or group received a charter and paid a yearly sum to the crown. They in turn could sell or rent land to others Proprietary
An army of volunteer citizens who trained and served during times of emergency was a _____ militia
______ are goods that are shipped to other countries exports
An _____ was an instrument used by ancient navigators to determine a ship's latitude while at sea astrolabe
An ______ is an agreement between nations to support one another alliance
The ________ forbade British settlers to move into areas west of the Appalachians Proclamation of 1763
The study of _____ deals with how people satisfy their wants and needs by managing their limited resources economics
______ are goods that are shipped into the country imports
the _______ imposed duties on legal documents stamp
the _______ were passed in retaliation for the Boston Tea Party Intolerable Acts
To ____ a territory is to give up any claim to that territory cede
to _____ a document is to make changes to that document amend
The _______ marked the turning point of the American Revolution battle of saratoga
the righ of the people to alter their government is called _________ popular sovereignty
The _____ created a loose alliance of the independent states Articles of Confederations
To ______ a plan or action means to carry out that plan or action or to do what is required execute
the ________ signed by King John in 1215 defined the rights of British monarchs and citizens Magna Carta
a ______ was an individual during the Revolutionary War who favored a peaceful resolution to the conflict with the British and desired to remain loyal to King George loyalists
The first major battle of the Revolutionary War was the _________ Battle of Bunker Hill
A _____ was an individual during the Revolutionary War who favored independence from Britain patriot

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