Petey 7-5.1 Ww1

Question Answer
Nationalist group Groups of people who support nationalism, to call for independence.
Militarism Fascination with the glory of war and the power of the military.
Arms race Building huge armies and navies to outdo rival nations and protect world intresests.
Alliance Agreements among competing blocs nations to help each other if war broke out.
Mobilization The assembly and movement of troops.
Entente An understanding between nations.
Balance of power A situation in which each side has equal power.
Central Power One of two alliances including Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Bulgaria.
Allied powers One of the two alliances including Serbia, Russia, the US, and Italy.
Neutrality A third bloc of nations that wanted nothing to do with the war.
Front A line along which opposing armies face each other.
Trench warfare Soldiers fought from two sides of trenches, or ditches.
Civilian Nonmilitary citizens.
Propaganda Information designed to influence public opinions.
Soviets Committees, to represent their intrestes.
Bolsheviks The most radical of the social groups in Russia.

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