The Amendments WSHS Civics/Econ 2nd – The Amendments – Boyd/Tedder

Question Answer
1st freedom of speech, religion, press, petition, assembly
2nd bear arms (guns)
3rd no quartering
4th no illegal seize and seizure
5th due process
6th speedy trial
7th trial by jury of peers
8th no cruel and unusual punishment
9th rights not listed
10th states rights
11th law suits between states
12th changed voting process
13th freed slaves
14th equal rights
15th black men can vote (sufferage)
16th brought about the power to income tax
17th elect senators directly
18th no alchohol (prohobition)
19th 1920 women can vote (sufferage)
20th ”Lame Duck” date change on when the president takes office
21st yes to alcohol (no prohobition)
22nd 2 terms for President
23rd allowed Washington DC residents the right to vote
24th no poll tax
25th succession
26th 18 year olds can vote
27th stopped Congress from giving itself raises

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